Self​-​Titled EP

by A Challenger Approaches

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She Wants The D-Pad
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She Wants The D-Pad KILLED IT! Just what I was expecting from you. It's heavy, grindy, chirpy, everything that I want from an Ncore artist. Favorite track: The Gloaming.
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M0SHB1T Listening to this ride through the insane guts of the darkest corner of ACAs brain isn't comparable with anything that exists in our dimension. One fat face punch follows another and gets your inner brutal cells triggered to explode in pure madness. Thanks for this nice, fast paced, djent-lsd trip. Favorite track: Burnout.
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Allow me to introduce myself.
I am A Challenger Approaches, and this is my first official EP. Check it out to get to know me.


released September 4, 2016

Writing, programming, recording, and artwork all done by A Challenger Approaches.



all rights reserved


A Challenger Approaches Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Track Name: Hidden Machine 01
Why can't I go any faster
(Cause there's no running)
What about jumping the bushes
(No there's no jumping)
Just tell me what my abilities are
Alone I am nothing alone I'll be harmed

(There’s a voice in the distance)
Don’t go
(Not in my range of vision)
Follow me
(A stranger is he)
I’ll let you pick one of these three

Forged from embers
Tail like a candle
This dragon’s ignited
This is what I pick

It’s rock paper scissors
With extra mechanics
4 sound channels and grayscale palette

This will be the fight of your life
Stand up to your rival
Stand up for what’s right

You must become elite
Remember his face
You’re sure again to meet

Running in tall grass
The world is a scary place
It’s dangerous to go alone
Take this and you will be safe

You’ll pick up more along the way
You better be prepared to pay
This is your first time out here all alone
You sure are a long way off from home

I’ve got this Hidden Machine
To teach a technique any time
It can be used infinitely
To get to the places where I couldn’t be

No hesitation I will bring this to a knife fight
That is a threat, I will bring this to my next fight

I’ve got this Hidden Machine
To teach a technique any time
I’ve got this Hidden Machine
I’ve got this Hidden Machine

Prepare to be cut HM01
Track Name: Entitlement Is All The Rage
We live in a world today
Where everyone makes us feel ashamed
Humanity seems to have regressed
And more than half the population is self-obsessed

Every time I go online
5 seconds in and I’ve already died inside
Ignorance is the newest plague
And entitlement is all the rage

Why be cautious of what you say
Someone will be offended anyway
When ignorance is the newest plague
And entitlement is all the rage

What happened to the time
When you could state your mind without being ridiculed
It doesn’t matter if you’re right, you’re wrong in someone else’s eyes

I’d rather be seen as a geek
An outcast who never speaks

Just works on music all day
and wears video game tees

Just give me a controller and my headphones
I’m perfectly content to be left alone

My friends are just the same
Let’s make music and play some games

We are the nescore nation
8bit metal elation
Track Name: Burnout
Keys in ignition
All twist right in unison

Engines get louder
As numbers decrease

Eyes on the screen
Are all waiting for green

The countdown begins
Feel the rush of adrenaline

The choices you make
Will determine your fate

Foot to the pedal
Become the machine

Behemoth of iron
Blood of gasoline

Rubber meets asphalt
The friction is hot

Combustion and vengeance
Fuel this juggernaut

Hold your breath
As you drift the curves ahead

Pass the first checkpoint
The leader’s been set
and the world on the outside distorts and shapes coalesce

Sparks emit from grating hardware

Twisted metal thrown around

Glass and shrapnel soar through the air

Wreckage piles as time slows down

Don’t give up now
You’ve only proven that you’re a capable
Adversary to the hordes of arrogant memetic blight

The final moments
Are drawing near as demonstrated by the
Palpable endeavors of AI and human efforts both alike

Retain the place you’ve earned
Persist in your position
Eliminate the competition

Proliferate the rift

Accelerate and overtake,
Destroy all that’s left


Nothing but ashes,
Lie in your wake
The gold is yours to take
The gold is yours to take

Nothing but ashes
It was worth it
Track Name: Writer's Block
Once again I catch myself
Staring at an empty notepad
It’s not that it was always blank
It’s more-so that I just can’t think

Hating all these words I write
“Third time’s the charm” is what they say
Well maybe it can be multiplied
I’m on the 9th draft of today

Misery is subjective
One man’s pleasure’s another’s pain
No matter how much I’ve had invested
I feel there’s nothing I can gain

I agonize over semantics
Choosing appropriate words and phrases
“For what cause?” I try to think
It’s not like people read these pages

It’s utter agony,
but I put this burden on myself
I’m my own biggest critic
It can’t be good for my mental health

Ha! What a laugh that is,
To assume good standing of my state of mind
When I’m arguing with a computer screen
Just my words on the monitor are all you’ll find

Skip the intro just for now
We’ll return at a later time
Hours wasted, procrastinated
With nothing to add to this paradigm

Stress is building rapidly
Accompanied by anxiety
Frustration and fatigue
Lack of sleep is the routine

Where is the end
Of today

It’s been dragging out for weeks
When can I just go to sleep

I’m sitting alone
In the dark
Waiting for the sun to rise

But there’s still so much to do
I just want to close my eyes
For good

Darkness’ embrace
I long for your touch
Come take me away
Where I can remain

Caress my mind
Extract the waves
Frozen in time
Longing for rest, my body aches
Track Name: The Gloaming
The stars
How they shine
Show heaven exists
Even at night

So make the sun
Fade away
Invoke the night
Replace the day

All of the things
That makes us weep
Tear us down, make us weak
Take it away from
Our eyes
Our vision
So we can’t see

All of the hurt
That evil brings
The suffering
Take it away from
This earth
From the souls
Of mortal beings

(Make the sun
Fade away
Invoke the night
Replace the day)

When I am home
I am set free
Because you
Are here with me

From day to day
I’m incomplete
I find myself in misery
My mind is cluttered with debris
Buried in anxiety

The lines are blurred
Can hardly see
I can’t breathe
Time is slowly passing me
I’m drifting from reality

But there’s light ahead
How ironic
My redeemer is the setting of the sun

Shadows grow
Landscape becomes unending
Shapes morph into each other as my eyes open up

Details fade
From the objects on this planet
A veil of sepia befalls our color spectrum

Photons bounce
Softly from our structures
Graced with luminescence from Celestial spheres

At this time
Most retire to their dwellings
Feeling exposed to creatures of the dark

There is nothing
For me to be afraid of
Darkness is my element
Contentment, my home

The onset of the gloaming,
Always accompanied by this spectral comfort
Symbiosis of shadows and solace alluring
Intrinsic desire for darkness elucidated by
Exuberance received and significance discerned

She is the mirror
That reflects these sensations yet amplified
She is my darkness
A prestigious bestowal to legitimize my being

There is nothing
For me to be afraid of
Darkness is my element
Contentment, my home

Source of vitality
The reason I’m elated
Providing energy and motivation
It’s time to get to work

She is the mirror
That reflects these sensations yet amplified
I’ve found my darkness
Unrivaled gift bestowed to me to legitimize existence