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I wrote this track about one of my favorite video game franchises, Burnout.


Keys in ignition
All twist right in unison

Engines get louder
As numbers decrease

Eyes on the screen
Are all waiting for green

The countdown begins
Feel the rush of adrenaline

The choices you make
Will determine your fate

Foot to the pedal
Become the machine

Behemoth of iron
Blood of gasoline

Rubber meets asphalt
The friction is hot

Combustion and vengeance
Fuel this juggernaut

Hold your breath
As you drift the curves ahead

Pass the first checkpoint
The leader’s been set
and the world on the outside distorts and shapes coalesce

Sparks emit from grating hardware

Twisted metal thrown around

Glass and shrapnel soar through the air

Wreckage piles as time slows down

Don’t give up now
You’ve only proven that you’re a capable
Adversary to the hordes of arrogant memetic blight

The final moments
Are drawing near as demonstrated by the
Palpable endeavors of AI and human efforts both alike

Retain the place you’ve earned
Persist in your position
Eliminate the competition

Proliferate the rift

Accelerate and overtake,
Destroy all that’s left


Nothing but ashes,
Lie in your wake
The gold is yours to take
The gold is yours to take

Nothing but ashes
It was worth it


from Self​-​Titled EP, released September 4, 2016



all rights reserved


A Challenger Approaches Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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