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This song is about the pains of being an artist. Blank pages, insomnia, anxiety... All that good stuff.


Once again I catch myself
Staring at an empty notepad
It’s not that it was always blank
It’s more-so that I just can’t think

Hating all these words I write
“Third time’s the charm” is what they say
Well maybe it can be multiplied
I’m on the 9th draft of today

Misery is subjective
One man’s pleasure’s another’s pain
No matter how much I’ve had invested
I feel there’s nothing I can gain

I agonize over semantics
Choosing appropriate words and phrases
“For what cause?” I try to think
It’s not like people read these pages

It’s utter agony,
but I put this burden on myself
I’m my own biggest critic
It can’t be good for my mental health

Ha! What a laugh that is,
To assume good standing of my state of mind
When I’m arguing with a computer screen
Just my words on the monitor are all you’ll find

Skip the intro just for now
We’ll return at a later time
Hours wasted, procrastinated
With nothing to add to this paradigm

Stress is building rapidly
Accompanied by anxiety
Frustration and fatigue
Lack of sleep is the routine

Where is the end
Of today

It’s been dragging out for weeks
When can I just go to sleep

I’m sitting alone
In the dark
Waiting for the sun to rise

But there’s still so much to do
I just want to close my eyes
For good

Darkness’ embrace
I long for your touch
Come take me away
Where I can remain

Caress my mind
Extract the waves
Frozen in time
Longing for rest, my body aches


from Self​-​Titled EP, released September 4, 2016



all rights reserved


A Challenger Approaches Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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